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  The purpose of this site is to record and exchange basic genealogy information concerning
                                  persons who have the family name of Gathergood

        The purpose of this site is to record and exchange basic genealogy information concerning persons who have the family name of Gathergood

Stephen & Emily

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        If you wish to locate a Gathergood family member or a person related to a Gathergood you are advised to go initially  to the Master Index and establish in which Region and Area you may find that person.
       Each name in the Master Index has a reference Region and Area name. Go to the Region named and then to the Area within that Region. Commence your search by going  to the last  page of the Area and then page back looking for your person. Once found you can move up and down the generations of that persons family line or group.
       DO NOT assume that you know which Region/Area to go to based on birth/marriage or death location. The Region/Area reference is based on where the first known person in a particular line was recorded as resident. Generations later the family members will have moved a few miles or to the other side of the world.


    Mid Norfolk–––––––––––––––>>>>>>>>


      West Norfolk–––––––––––––– >>>>>>>>

     Rest of England–––––––––––->>>>>>>>>

      North West Norfolk–––––––––->>>>>>>

     Wales —–––––––––––––––––>>>>>>>>>

      East Norfolk–––––––––––––––-->>>>>>>

     Australia–––––––––––––––– ->>>>>>>>>

     London —–––––––––––––––-––->>>>>>>

    North East England––––––-–––––>>>>>>>

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