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The Gathergood  Family  - Name Lists

        Lists of  known names

Seven various lists of names are provided for your interest.

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        It has come to our notice that Gathergood names are appearing on other information exchange/tracing web sites that from Birth/Baptism/Marriage/Death records and Census information  are not known/proven Gathergood names.

        This site only lists names that have been referenced/traced via ‘official’ sources being Birth, Death, Marriage indexes, Parish Records and census records or that have bee specifically supplied by relatives in the case of recent Births, Deaths and marriages.

        Please note that these name lists DO NOT contain any  Master Index Region/Area references

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Availability of additional detailed information

In many cases additional information is available for names contained in the lists. This information will be made available to persons who have the name Gathergood or who are identified as close relatives.
The site owner has the final decision as to the release of additional detailed information as a protection from commercial exploitation of the information supplied.
Any detailed additional information will be supplied in Adobe Acrobat Reader file - read only format.
Please contact Mike by email to request additional information and/or your interest in the Gathergood name and family.

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 Persons known to have the last name of Gathergood including spouses


 Persons and families directly related to a Gathergood


 Daughters who married into other families


 ALL persons having the name Gathergood


 Ladies that have the  name Gathergood by marriage


 Living Gathergood family members


 Maternal named children