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The Gathergood Name

        The name Gathergood is unique in the sense that there are probably fewer than 400 people in the world today (2015) that bear this last name / surname.

        The UK 1901 census only records 180 persons having this name in the United Kingdom.

        The earliest known recorded occurrence of the name Gathergood  is in the English county of Norfolk with the baptism of Anne Gathergood on the 20th January 1543/44 in the village of Colton. The baptism record also gives the name of  the father as Robert and he would have been born circa 1520. Colton is located about 4 miles East of Norwich City centre on the South side of the A47 East Dereham to Norwich Road.

        The majority of records appertaining to Births, Marriages, Deaths and Census Returns are from an area of mid-Norfolk. The approximate boundaries of  this majority residence area is from Wisbech to Kings Lynn in the East, Fakenham to the North,  Norwich to the West and  Attleborough to the South . There are few other early records in the central London area plus a scattering of records in other nearby counties.

        In the 1800’s the Gathergood family members start to leave the agricultural areas of Norfolk and move. Some go to the Industrial Areas of the North East of England. Some to London and the South East of England. A few others emigrate to the US and Canada.

        The Oxford Dictionary of English Surnames (3rd Edition) by Reaney & Wilson defines the name  Gathergood as an Old English nickname for one with acquisitive and thrifty habits.

        There are several other theories (none proven) as to how the name came into being and use. An obvious basis of the name is for a person who gathers goods, good things which may have been in the form of  taxes or tithes. Perhaps this theory being closest to the above dictionary definition. Another theory is that it is a derived name formed by two names like Gatherer (common family name in Oslo) and Goot (German name for Good). Yet another theory is that it is a translation / corruption of a Norse name.

        I would welcome any proven facts or references as to the origin  of the name.

        Please e-mail me at  with any information.

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