Gathergood Family Genealogy - Page 6

Hingham - Mike C Gathergood Family

       This Region has two sub-sections :-

       (1) Is a specific specific sub-section for my own (Mike C Gathergood) family.

       (2) Is a general sub-section listing of all the presently known members of  Gathergood family groups commencing residence
             from about 1700 in the
HinghamArea of  Mid-Norfolk.

       As will be seen in both sub-sections the children soon start to leave agricultural Norfolk seeking other work in the North East,
        London, South East and other parts of  England and also overseas.

       As the information has been transcribed from many sources some errors and omissions may have occurred.

        If you as the reader identify any errors or omissions then please inform the site owner so that corrections may be made.

       Sub-section 1 - Mike C Gathergood Family

       Sub-section 2 - Hingham Area Gathergood Families

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